Most Common Domestic Applications of Stihl Cut Off Saw

Blog | November 12th, 2018

If you pride yourself on the ability to handle DIY projects around house and home, you likely have a shed or garage stocked to the brim with quality power tools. Whether you are looking to clean up the yard of debris, such as large stumps or other wooden detritus, or simply want to work some simple metal fabrication, you might end up interested in a Stihl Cut Off Saw. Cut off saws are incredibly powerful and convenient tools that you can keep on hand for a number of different domestic applications. Today, we are going to be discussing these different domestic applications while touting the various benefits of having your own cut off saw on hand.

Common Uses of Stihl Cut Off Saw

Let us start our discussion by first detailing what exactly a cut off saw actually is. A cut off saw, such as the Stihl model that we are discussing, can also be known as a chop saw or an abrasive saw. Depending on the style of blade that you have, these saws can be used for anything from cutting through metal to even cutting straight into concrete.

A word of caution for newcomers to the power tool industry before we move on in our discussion: it is incredibly important to pay attention to the materials that your saw is rated to handle as well as what the blade of your saw is capable of. Mismatching your saw blade and your material use can result in damage and personal safety issues. With that being said, let’s shift our focus toward some common domestic uses of the Stihl Cut Off Saw.

1) Cutting Into Hardened Materials – As we highlighted above, products like the Stihl Cut Off Saw are perfect for applications where you need to cut into incredibly hard materials. From kitchen tiles to concrete driveways, you will be able to make the cut that you need with the right Cut Off or Chop Saw at your side. Refer to the blade type that your Stihl Cut Off Saw uses in order to know what materials you are rated to handle.

2) Precise Cuts for Important Projects – Another important domestic use of the Stihl Cut Off Saw is its value when you need to deal with precision cuts. Whether you are cutting rebar or measuring out wooden cuts, a Stihl Cut Off Saw can get the job done for you.

As you can see from the outline above, Stihl Cut Off Saws are incredibly handy products for homeowners everywhere. Thanks to their hardened blades, you will be able to offer precise cuts to you just about any project that you take on.

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