Functions of Eco-Throttle on Honda Generators

Blog | October 16th, 2018

Pondering generator efficiency, it sure would be nice to have a compact power plant that could last for 20-hours at a stretch. That’s a fine feature, one made possible by the Eco-Throttle mode, as employed on a state-of-the-art Honda generator. Simply by controlling the engine speed, by injecting it with self-governing smarts, the equipment becomes that much more fuel efficient.

Eco-Throttle Functionality

Instead of dumbly keeping the engine speed constant, no matter the electrical load, Honda generators use smart throttling mechanisms to conserve available fuel. Expect a 40% drop in consumed fuel when this function is active. That’s a powerful feature. It should be a standard mode in every generator, surely. Perhaps so, but running a generator’s engine at low RPMs isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. Remember, average engines operate at 3600-RPM, which is the rotational velocity used by most machines to produce a normal output electrical frequency, such as the 60Hz standard. By slowing a prime mover’s velocity, its output characteristics are also impacted. Importantly, Eco-Throttle generators automatically regulate their output frequency and voltage as the engine velocity drops.

In summary, Honda generators, those equipped with this self-governing feature, are:

  • Fuel efficient
  • Quieter
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Emissions regulated
  • Designed to adjust to the load

Now, a little more regarding those power generating benefits.

Eco-Throttling Benefits

Think about the consequences. With the engine rotating at lower speeds, there are fewer emissions thrown out by the exhaust system. For this reason, Honda generators, those that feature an Eco-Throttle mode, run quieter, use less fuel, and kick out fewer emissions than comparable machinery. To put the matter in simpler terms, dumb throttles are waste-exorbitant devices. They blindly keep engines working full-out, no matter the loading conditions. A self-governing engine throttle is clearly a superior solution here, but not so fast, that feature does impact the output characteristics of the equipment. Honda generators, loaded with machine smarts, are designed to govern their engine velocities, to adjust to the loading conditions, while simultaneously regulating the output frequency and voltage.

All kinds of electronic tricks and actions, ones that involve jumping through many operational hoops, are used by other equipment manufacturers. For Honda generators, a load-regulating Eco-Throttle demonstrates a superior solution. That equipment feature lowers this generator classes noise output, does the same for exhaust emissions, and it does so while keeping the equipment absolutely reliable. Functioning as an RPM reducing fitting, this load-sensitive governer really does improve fuel efficiency, so expect fewer tank refills and a more discerning power generating experience.

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