Why Lawn Mower Blade Replacement Should Be Done By Experts

Blog | November 13th, 2017

You could argue forever about the most important technological advancements in human history but we’ll always be pretty proud of the lawnmower. Sure, electricity and indoor plumbing is pretty cool, not to mention the internet, but we’re all about mowers here. A great lawnmower is an important and effective tool in your landscaping toolbox. Lawnmowers can help you to carefully and easily sculpt your yard into something that you can proudly show off to your neighbours. However, in order to keep your yard looking good and clean you have to keep your lawnmower blade sharpened and replaced when required. Let’s talk a little bit about lawnmower blade maintenance and why seeking professional help can save you a headache!

Signals to Replace Your Lawnmower Blade

A lawnmower is a pretty lean and mean machine. Essentially a massive, sharp, blade is pushed along the surface of your yard until you get the level that you like. Pretty simple, right? Well, at some point in time your lawmower isn’t going to be functioning at maximum efficiency and this is due to problems with your mower blade. Here are a few symptoms to be wary of before seeking professional help to get your blade sharpened or replaced.

1. Uneven Lawn – Obviously, the most important and most obvious symptom is that of an uneven lawn. After mowing your lawn, glance over your work. Do you see any places where the level isn’t even? Your mower blade should essentially keep everything the same height.

2. Torn Grass
– When a blade dulls, it doesn’t cut as well. Take a close look at the tip of your lawn after cutting it. Did the blade cut quickly through the grass or does it look the grass was not cleanly cut? Tearing your grass is bad for your lawn and will cause it to start to brown or even die in severe cases.

3. Check the Blade
– Okay, so THIS is the most obvious tip. Flip your lawnmower over and take a close look at the blade. Do you see chipped edges? Do you see that the blade is visibly blunted? If your blade looks like it has been worn down by usage, and this is particularly common for rougher yards, you might be in need of a repair or replacement job.

Consulting Experts

If you have a small push-behind mower or a massive ride-along mower, your outcome is still the same: you need proper maintenance. Turn to certified local professionals in order to keep your yard and lawnmower clean and healthy.

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