What are the Signs of a Dull Chainsaw Chain?

Blog | January 14th, 2020

For the longest time, different industries have been using chainsaws for numerous purposes such as tree felling, bucking, pruning, cutting firebreaks, harvesting of firewood, and many more. Aside from wood-centric applications, chainsaws are also used for carving sculptures and art pieces.

A chainsaw works effectively to the mentioned applications since its components complement well with each other. Its mechanical saw cuts through the set of teeth that are attached to a rotating chain along a guide bar. The rotating chain plays a vital role in the functionality of chainsaws since it moves the saw onto the object that will be cut or carved.

The same with other tools, chainsaws are also prone to wear and tear. After a long time of use, your mechanical saw may loosen its sharpness and requires replacement. The same situation may happen with the rotating chain. Before nearing its end life cycle, the chainsaw chain may look dull as you use the chainsaw. This dullness may even translate to worsening performance of the chainsaw, leading to slower output and damage to other components. In some instances, a dull chainsaw chain can even be dangerous to the people who are using it.

Fortunately, there are adequate signs you can look for if you suspect that you have a dull chainsaw chain. Take a look at your chainsaw chain and determine if you have these following signs.

No Pull Reaction

Every time you put your chainsaw against the wood, there will certainly be a corresponding reaction to when the tool is turned on. This reaction makes the chainsaw cut the wood into pieces smoothly. However, if this specific reaction is not achieved, then your chain is not pulling itself into the wood anymore. If you are feeling that you are forcing the chainsaw to cut through the wood, then you have yourself a dull chainsaw chain.

Sawdust Formation

When you are cutting against the grain of the wood, the debris that you can get from the cutting action is some coarse strands. If by any chance that you don’t see any of these strands, then look for some sawdust. Once you saw some sawdust while cutting wood and other materials, then your chainsaw chain that is now dull requires serious attention.

Smoke Emission

One of the primary signs with every faulty tool and equipment is smoke emission. With dull chainsaw chains, the smoke is produced despite the excellent condition of the mechanical saw itself. But before concluding that your chain is indeed the culprit, check first if the chain is properly oiled and if the chain tension is correct. If these two both exists and you still have smoke emitting from the saw, then your chainsaw chain may be at fault.

Uneven Cut

The main purpose of chainsaws is to produce perfect cuts. You don’t want to cut your wood and other materials that are uneven and have rough edges. However, if you notice that your wood has uneven cuts, then your chain must have dull cutting teeth on one side. Your cutting teeth can also have an uneven length, which caused your cuts to be uneven.

If your chain possesses these signs, then you must either sharpen your blade or replace it with a new one. Whatever your option is, we at Peninsula Mowers Mornington are ready to provide with all the things you need for your chainsaw. Just contact us to know more about our offerings and services.

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