What a Worn Chain Saw Bar Might Cause You

Blog | July 1st, 2019

Getting work done in the yard will often lead you to purchase some pretty serious hardware. Power tools like the chainsaw have become part and parcel of property ownership and property maintenance. While your chainsaw is likely to be the most powerful tool that you own, that doesn’t mean that it is invincible! As it turns out, your chainsaw bar can begin to wear out over time. Whether from routine use or a problem somewhere else in the machine, a worn bar can become problematic in a hurry. Today, we are going to be talking about the potential fallout that a worn chainsaw bar can create!

Worn Chainsaw Bar: Common Problems and Outcomes
One day you head out to your yard in order to get some work done. You might be cutting up an old stump or attending to an overgrown tree. In either situation, you grab your chainsaw out of the garage only to realise that the bar itself is beginning to wear out. When this happens, you know that problems are on the way. Before you head down to Peninsula Mowers Mornington to have your chainsaw repaired or replaced, you should understand the problems that you just avoided. Here is what you can expect a worn chainsaw bar to do to your yard work.

1) Lack of Cutting Accuracy – As your chainsaw bar begins to wear out, you will notice that your cutting accuracy begins to deteriorate. The same cuts that you used to breeze through will become problematic and before long the precision of your work will be lost to time. You didn’t get worse at your job, your chainsaw just started to wear down. This is totally common, so don’t be too worried.

2) Choppy Cuts – As your chainsaw’s bar begins to deteriorate, the actual quality of your cuts will change, as well. Your chainsaw bar will begin to warp and bend over time. The change in your chainsaw’s bar shape will start to cause choppy, jittering cuts. Pretty soon, you won’t be able to get through a decent cut without having to stop and ask yourself what’s wrong.

3) Visible Deterioration – Finally, you’ll begin to notice that your chainsaw bar is wearing out when your actual chain has trouble staying in place. As your bar begins to warp and bend, it can be hard to install a new chain into place. When your bar gets this bad, you had better have a backup plan available!

Don’t let a worn chainsaw bar ruin your day or your yard. Bring your chainsaw to Peninsula Mowers Mornington in order to have your power tool repaired and primed for use.

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