Troubleshooting Tips Common Ride-On Lawn Mower Problems

Blog | February 13th, 2020

A ride-on lawnmower is a type of lawnmower wherein you or an operator is seated on it while mowing the involved lawn or backyard. While other mowers are operated by pushing or towing, a ride-on lawnmower is actually simpler to operate. If you have a large lawn area, then you can benefit the most with this lawnmower since it can cut through shrubs and trees right away.

Another benefit of using a ride-on mower is its fuel capacity. It has a larger fuel capacity compared to electric-powered push mowers, which makes the ride-on mower lasts longer than others. Even the replacement parts for ride-on lawnmowers are easier to find than other types of lawnmowers.

The benefits of using ride-on lawnmowers are countless. However, you cannot maximise these benefits if you don’t know how to troubleshoot its problems or issues. So, here are some solutions to problems or issues that ride-on lawnmower users frequently encounter.

Grass Uncut

One of the most common problems with mowers is when they are used for too long to cut for grass. If your mower doesn’t cut grass anymore, it might be your blade belt. Replace your blade belt it is already worn or cracked.

Engine Not Starting

There would always be a time where we don’t have to use our mower for a short time. This short time, however, can affect your mower’s engine, most especially if there is fuel inside the tank. If your engine cranks but doesn’t start, you must replace your fuel immediately. Moreover, check if the spark plug has signs of corrosion or other damage. You can also clean the air filter. If your mower still won’t start, then try starting fluid. If nothing happens, then you got yourself an ignition switch problem.

Engine Dies Quickly

Most mower users also complain about their engine dying too quickly. One possible reason for this is the battery and its difficulty to keep being charged. You can try to fill up its battery for one day and try starting the engine again. Once you take your foot off the brake and your battery dies again, then the culprit might be your seat switch. Make sure that it is plugged in. If nothing works, then you might need to replace your seat switch.

Engine Rattling

If your engine is rattling and humming, then it might be your fan belt. Check for some signs of wear and tear on your fan belt. Moreover, check for some loose parts that might be vibrating whenever the mower is running. You can also lubricate the motor.

Rough Operations

A mower that operates roughly may have physical damages or issues over its parts. Running over something like a rock or a tree root can significantly affect your mower’s performance. In fact, running over these things may have damaged your flywheel key. On the other hand, a mower that is running roughly may have a clogged carburettor. You can make your mower operate smoothly again by replacing this carburettor.

Your lawn mower can be quickly fixed if you know where to look. With these troubleshooting tips, you are ensured an uninterrupted mowing activity the next time you go for it. If you want some replacement parts for your mower, then you can give us a call at Peninsula Mowers Mornington. We can provide high-quality power equipment and garden tools from different popular brands for our clients.

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