Tips in Choosing the Right Lawn Mower Blade

Blog | August 27th, 2018

If you own a decently sized yard then your lawnmower is likely your most heavily used tool during the summer. Lawnmowers make our lives easier because they give us the ability to quickly, efficiently, and effectively clean up our yard. With that being said, lawnmowers come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and styles. More importantly, lawnmowers also have specific styles of lawnmower blades depending on the context of the work that you are doing. Most people don’t realise that they have multiple blade options, so we’re going to spend some time highlighting the different lawn mower blades for you.

Choosing the Right Lawn Mower Blade

You probably haven’t spent much time considering the different lawn mower blades that are available to you, and that’s likely to the detriment of your yard. Like any other tool, your lawnmower can be made more effective when you embrace certain dynamics. In this situation, changing out your lawnmower blade can have dramatically positive effects on how your yard looks when you are done with it. While there aren’t a wide variety of mower blade options, there are enough choices that we feel compelled to outline them for you.

1) Rotary Mower Blades – Let’s start out by talking about the most common and effective mower blade, the rotary blade. These blades provide a certain amount of lift as you mow and they complete a rotation so as to move the grass through your mower’s chute. These blades come in different ‘lift sizes’ depending on the height of the grass that you are mowing.

2) High-Lift Blades – These blades create the maximum amount of lift during your lawn mowing experience. These blades extend down and away from the mower in order to give you more room and lift for the discharge of clippings and other yard debris.

3) Mulching Blades – The final blade that we are going to list is the mulching blade. Mulching blades are typically going to have a curved design with a longer, sharper edge. Unlike the prior two blades, mulching blades don’t focus as much on lift and instead allow the grass to be returned to the lawn after it is cut.

As you can see, these three specific lawn mowing blades have distinctive uses and styles. Here at Peninsula Mowers Mornington, we believe in giving our customers what they need in order to succeed. Call us today for assistance with any of your lawn mowing purchasing needs. We carry a wide array of products and our knowledgeable representatives are always available to help you with your purchase.

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