Things that You Should Never Do to Your Lawn Mower

Blog | July 27th, 2018

When it comes to taking care of your lawn, is any piece of equipment more important than your lawnmower? Your lawnmower is the ultimate machine for keeping your yard trim and proper and you’ve probably come to rely on it over the years. There are basically two types of lawnmower owners: people who make sure to take care of their machine and people who don’t. Today, we are going to take a step back and level our gaze at the various things that you should NEVER do to your lawnmower, especially if you want your machine to last. Sometimes it is important to know what NOT to do, in order to make sure that you are doing the right thing.

Taking Care of Your Lawn Mower: What NOT To Do
Your lawnmower is a relatively simple machine, you start the engine and push it over your grass. Simple, right? With that being said, even the simplest of machines can begin to fall apart ahead of schedule if they are abused out of ignorance. Today, we are going to highlight a few common mistakes that people make when taking care of their lawnmower. As long as you avoid these mistakes, you should have a long lasting machine to help keep your yard properly groomed.

1) Ignoring the Air Filter
– Believe it or not, your lawnmower has an air filter that needs to be checked on and maintained on a regular basis. A dirty air filter can lead to a mucked up engine and a hole in your filtration system.

2) Letting the Mower Blades Get Dull
– Honestly ask yourself if you’ve ever changed the blades on your lawnmower. Have you ever sharpened your blades? Probably not, right? This is an incredibly common oversight that many lawn mower owners tend to fall victim to. Keep your blades sharp so that your lawn stays sharp looking as well.

3) Ignoring Your Tire Pressure – Even the tires on your lawn mower need to be maintained on a regular basis. Low tire pressure can lead to steering issues and cutting problems. Flat tires lower the blade of your mower, thus giving you a shaggy appearance. Simply put: check your tires regularly and make sure that they are always properly aired up.

4) Improper Storage Practice – Did you know that mice love to live inside of your lawnmower? Make sure to properly store your lawn mower when it isn’t in use. Keep the machine away from animals, large and small, and always check inside of the engine to make sure no mice have set up a nest in your mower.

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