Tell-Tale Signs That Your Hedge Trimmer Blade Needs Replacement

Blog | October 23rd, 2019

A hedge trimmer, otherwise known as shrub trimmer or bush trimmer, is an aid that can be used in varied gardening purposes. It can either be a tool or machine used for trimming, cutting and pruning hedges or solitary shrubs and bushes. Hedge trimmers can be manually-operated, motorised or tractor mounted. This gardening machine can be powered using human power, gasoline, or electricity.

Due to its useful function, a hedge trimmer blade is not at all foreign to the concept of wear and tear. In fact, it might have had its fair share of the struggle. However, knowing when to replace the blade with a new one is almost next to impossible. Luckily here are tell-tale signs that your hedge trimmer blade needs replacement.

Broken Blade

The hedge trimmer blade’s main purpose is to cut and trim bushes and shrubs. In order to do so, the blades must move forward and backward in a reciprocating motion. Since it is normally in close contact with pieces of debris such as sticks and twigs, these objects can impede the blade movement and therefore can cause further damage such as the breaking of the blade itself.

Uneven Cut

If you notice the branches and shrubs that you are cutting do not have the same size and have frayed patterns, then your blade might be compromised. There is a possibility that your blade maybe dull or not sharp enough to perform its function. Check first if the blades can be sharpened before replacing it entirely.

Unable to Sharpen

If the abovementioned issue remains unresolved, then it is about time that your hedge trimmer blade gets a replacement. If your blade is not bolted in then you know that you can replace it. Once you decide that your blade needs to be replaced then you can check for the model number and brand to bring in.

Bent Blade Teeth

Another issue that you may encounter is bent teeth on your trimmer’s blades. You can easily fix this issue by loosening the bolts on the blade guide and bending the teeth back with pliers. If it does not work then you are now required to have a blade replacement. You must remove all the locking nuts securing the blades and remove the blade guard and tip guard with the washers. Next remove the gear case cover, and remove all the blade mounting bolts with washers. Then, remove the lower gear and carefully remove the lower blade, spacer plate and the top blade.

Broken Gears

As mentioned earlier, hedge trimmers are equipped with gears that rotate with one another, allowing the blades to move back and forth. If gears are broken or have worn teeth they will not rotate properly, and this will result in blades that cut poorly. If you notice your gears are damaged or the teeth are worn or broken, you will need to replace them before this symptom is resolved.

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