Stihl Vacuum SE121: What Makes it a Suitable Equipment for Hospitality and Professional Cleaning Services

Blog | December 9th, 2019

Hospitability and professional cleaning services are on the rise right now. A huge number of people are travelling around the country and even around the world to make sure they have visited places that they wanted to see for a long time. Some countries have been allowing other citizens to visit them without any restrictions, which heavily translates to the booming industry of hotels and other types of accommodation.

If you are among business owners who are into the hospitality industry, then you might want to have a product that might accompany you throughout the duration of your business. What makes this equipment special is that it can help you with all your professional cleaning needs without the need to call for external services. However, if your business revolves around providing professional cleaning services to clients, then this equipment can also help you fulfil your duties and responsibilities.

The Stihl Vacuum SE121

From a prominent manufacturing company, Stihl has been producing the best cleaning equipment for years now. From chainsaws to shredders, and from trimmers to vacuum cleaners, Stihl is considered the leader when it comes to a series of residential and commercial equipment.

As mentioned, businesses that are engaged in the hospitality and professional cleaning services industry must have a companion with their daily operations. Luckily, Stihl offers a product that provides all-around cleaning functionality that is effective and cost-efficient. With their very own Vacuum SE121, hospitability and hire professional services can certainly take advantage of this product’s capabilities and underlying features.

All Purpose Floor Tool – The Stihl Vacuum SE121 boasts its brand new all-purpose tool that can help clear and clean different types of floor material quickly. This specific vacuum cleaner can absorb whatever debris and dirt a floor has.

Filter Cleaning and Multi-Filter System – The SE121 has a functionality that allows automatic cleaning of the filter elements. This cleaning can be done by locking the suction inlet and pressing the operating button. Moreover, the filter cartridge of this machine is hygienic, economical, and eco-friendly.

Effective Storage and Portability – This vacuum cleaner from Stihl can store all types of nozzles within its body, making it convenient for people who will be doing whatever type of cleaning. Additionally, the Vacuum SE121 has lockable swivel wheels that allow its stable and comfortable manoeuvring. This can help lock the machine in one place while cleaning the floor.

Stainless Steel Tubes – The Stihl Vacuum SE121 can be coupled with a stainless steel hand tube to easily attach the suction hose to the handle. Moreover, this machine also has a stainless steel suction tube that can clean up dust, metal chips, rubbish, or fluids in just a few seconds.

The technical specifications of the Stihl Vacuum SE121 are the following:

  • Weight:10 kg
  • Intake Airflow: 3,600 Lt/Min
  • Contain Capacity:27 Ltr
  • Electric Motor:5/240 kW/V

All the mentioned features of the Stihl Vacuum SE121 can help hospitality and professional cleaning services achieve optimal results in cleaning the floor. With the combination of efficiency and portability, this type of vacuum can help the business grow in just a short amount of time. If you want to have your own Stihl Vacuum SE121, then contact us now at Peninsula Mowers Mornington. We offer this product alongside its repairs and added services.

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