Stihl Vacuum Cleaners: Benefits and Features That You Should Know About

Blog | October 15th, 2017

Office spaces are undoubtedly prone to becoming messy and cluttered over the span of a workday. A cluttered desk, smudged doors, and even spills in the kitchen sprout up over time. Those aforementioned messes get cleaned quickly because they are so obvious. What about your floors, though? Most people don’t look twice at their feet while in the office and they certainly don’t wonder how often their carpets have been fully cleaned and sanitized. A simple addition to your cleaning crew in the form of a STIHL vacuum cleaner can be all the change you need in order to keep your office FULLY clean. Let’s look at STIHL vacuums and see what they offer.

The Power of STIHL Vacuum Cleaners
There are countless brands of vacuum cleaners around the world. Many of them are just fine and most of them probably get the job done. However, there are still vacuum cleaners that are better than the rest and well worth investing some time into and STIHL products just happen to fit into that exclusive category. Why are they so high quality? We can help answer that question.

1. German Engineering – It sounds almost comical to talk about engineering in vacuums like you would a vehicle, but it makes a difference. STIHL vacuum cleaners are German engineered and built to get the job done.

2. Wet/Dry Flexibility – If you are shopping for a vacuum cleaner than you need something as flexible as the messes you will face. STIHL’s line of Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners can switch between modes with the flick of a switch and with no concern for changing any type of filter.

3. Enhanced Filters – All vacuum filters are not made equal, though you’d be hard-pressed to know that when walking down the aisle of the store. STIHL vacuums have pleated air filters which are lined with an extra fleece filter to capture all of those fine particulates that you end up vacuuming up. STIHL machines are also notably high powered so that means you are going to be pulling in a LOT of particulates.

4. In-Filter Cleaning System – We’re simple people so if something can take care of itself that can only be considered a benefit. STIHL vacuums let you focus only on the task ahead thanks to a manufactured, built-in cleaning system.

When you go shopping for a STIHL vacuum cleaner you will benefit from knowing what you are looking for. The STIHL SE 122 is a high powered cleaner that can handle the most gnarly construction site while the STIHL SE 62 is great for home use.

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