Simple Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

Blog | January 30th, 2018

There is nothing more satisfying than starting up a well-maintained chainsaw. Not only is the sound music to our ears, but the efficiency and effectiveness of a functional power tool for yard maintenance can be hard to beat. Chainsaws are among our favourite power tools because they provide a host of uses in our yard and garden. However, despite their effectiveness, many people aren’t quite clued in on how to properly maintain the tools. In order to combat poor maintenance, we decided to put together a few simple tips to make sure that your chainsaw stays operational and running effectively for the foreseeable future.

Simple Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

You know what feels better than buying a brand new chainsaw? Making sure the one you bought a year ago stays functioning like it was brand new. In order to keep your power tool performance at an all-time high, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps.

1. Maintain Chain Sharpness
– It stands to reason that a sharp chainsaw chain will be more effective than a dull one. No matter what kind of chainsaw you are operating, be it gas or electric, the chain needs to be kept in prime working condition.

2. Proper Chain Tension
– Did you know that your chainsaw can struggle just as much with a loose chain as it can with one that has been over-tightened? Practice proper chain tension in order to ensure that your chainsaw is operating at its peak efficiency. Consult your owner’s manual in order to find out how to unscrew your specific chain and then make sure it is tightened to the point of zero slack.

3. Clean Air Filter
– Most chainsaw owners don’t realise that their handy power tool actually has an air filter to maintain. When your air filter gets clogged up, the efficiency of the entire tool takes a nosedive. Not only will your chainsaw be less effective, it’ll also be more liable to break down. You can use an air compressor to quickly clean your air filter.

4. Use Fresh Fuel – If you are running a gas-powered chainsaw, opt to use fresh gasoline when you re-fuel. Gasoline can begin the process of breaking down within a single month, so if your chainsaw has been sitting for at least a month then opt to bring in fresh fuel.

5. Fresh Chains
– If you decide to replace your old chainsaw chain, make sure to break in the new one before operation. Let the chain soak in chain oil for at least two or three hours and then let it drip-dry before installation.

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