Signs that Tell Your Mower Blade Needs Replacement

Blog | December 16th, 2019

For a lawn to be healthy, it would require an exceptional cut on a regular basis. Having a backyard with a great looking lawn makes a pleasant impression from your neighbours and visitors towards your home. Your healthy lawn also means that you are patient enough to cut out excessive plants. You’ll never know; some random plants may have also been sprouted along the way. 

Cutting your lawn involves the use of lawnmower to make your lawn look clean and appealing to the eyes of everyone. Routine cutting may be suited for your backyard, but frequent use of lawnmower can take its toll, especially to your blades. Sometimes, you’ll never know if you already need to replace your blade or not. So, as a guide, here are some signs you must watch out to determine if your mower blade needs to be replaced or not.

Bent Off-Balance Blade

The blades of a lawnmower can cut through plants that need to be saved from withering and other damaging components. Their capabilities to cut, however, are not extended to solid materials like rocks and others. Once they have contact with solid materials, the surface of the blades may be bent or off-balance. Since the mowing action has introduced damage to your blade, there will be no other way to fix this damage but to replace them right away.

Dull Over-sharpened Blade

The shiny surface of your mower blade is a great indicator of how sharpened your tool is. Sharpening your tool is essential so that you get to effectively trim your lawn in just a short time. But the sharpening of the blade can also be excessive for the blade itself. Blades that are sharpened more than once have the tendency to be dull, thus, affecting their cutting abilities. Dull blades tear the grass instead of cutting them, which results in ragged tips and a widespread yellow hue over your lawn. 

Heavily Damaged Blade

It might seem obvious that blades with heavy damage are meant to be replaced right away. Dents, gouges, and missing pieces on your blade can be harmful to you, your lawn, and your lawnmower itself. If you still intend to use this damaged blade, there is a possibility that pebbles and other small debris will be propelled at high speeds. Results from this act may be catastrophic in some cases since some of the debris may damage your lawnmower and can be fatal for you.

Exceeded Suggested Lifespan 

All things have a specified lifespan for them to be effective. Any tool, equipment, or materials may still function even if they have exceeded their specific lifespan. Nevertheless, some of them would work more inferior compared to when they were first bought. The same case happens with the mower blade. Usually, you must replace your mower blade every one to two years for your lawnmower to be as effective as you expect. After all, having functional tools can utilise safety and maximise performance.

You need to know the signs of a mower blade waiting to be replaced. Replacement of mower blades can benefit you since they can cut your lawn more effectively in a very safe manner. If you have more questions about mower blades, then contact us now at Peninsula Mowers Mornington.

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