Prune Trees Safely Using the Right Garden Equipment

Blog | January 29th, 2020

If you have trees in your backyard or front of your home, then you might be familiar with the term pruning. Pruning is a process of removing dead and dying branches that will allow a room or space for new growth of branches and leaves. This process also promotes the natural shape and healthy growth of your trees and plants.

Dead and dying branches of your tree or plant are removed to protect your property and passerby from any potential damage that they may bring on the ground. Pests and animal infestations are also prevented with the help of pruning.

The Best Time for Pruning

Pruning can be done anytime. However, the best time to prune your trees is during the summer season. A lot of people prune their trees during summer since all important signs of a dying branch are always out and visible during the summer season. A tree may be out of leaves since it is choking off the growth of the leaves or plants below the tree. Summer can also show the limbs that must be cut as they show signs of repressed leaf growth.

There are some instances, however, that trees are pruned in late winter. The trees, most especially those that are flowering, are pruned to enhance flowering on the rest of the tree. Most of the time, trees in late winter have their branches not grow in the direction that would develop into a nicely shaped tree. Late winter pruning is mostly for the shape and aesthetic purposes of the tree.

Right Garden Equipment is the Key

The process of pruning the trees can be done in numerous ways. Hand pruners and chainsaws are the most common tool when it comes to pruning. However, the main factor in choosing the right garden equipment relies on the type of tree that you are cutting or pruning.

For smaller branches that are less than 1” in diameter, the best tool to prune them is through hand pruners. A large hand pruner can provide you a clean cut on the branch. On the other hand, a lopper style tool is suitable for branches that are slightly larger than the 1” in diameter. For branch sizes around 3” in diameter, the best tool for pruning would be a pruning saw. With larger branches, it is quite reasonable to use chainsaws since they are capable of removing branches larger than 3” in diameter.

Lopper tools, pruning saws, and chainsaws come in various styles, sizes, and adjustable lengths. So, keeping track of the length of your tree branches is essential when choosing and buying garden equipment.

Safety is Still the Priority

Pruning trees can be dangerous if you don’t take care of yourself. To be safe, you must only prune the limbs or branches of the tree that you can reach from the ground. Using a ladder while pruning can be dangerous as you can hurt and cut yourself. Even if your ladder is stable, there may be instances that an unexpected wiggling action can lead to an accident. You can only use a ladder if you have proper training and are equipped with a safety harness.

Also, make sure that you are aware of your surroundings. See to it that there will be a space dedicated for branches to fall and that they won’t hurt people, pets, and other structures around your property.

With proper safety measures and right garden equipment, your pruning activity may be done smoothly without causing any harm to yourself and others. If you are curious about the mentioned pruning tools, you can contact us at Peninsula Mowers Mornington.

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