Prepare for autumn: Garden Equipment that Come in Handy

Blog | March 7th, 2019

If you want to have a perfectly maintained lawn and garden, you need to be prepared for the changing of the seasons. As autumn rounds the bend and the leaves start to change, it becomes time to head out to your garage or gardening shed in order to pull out the perfect tools for the job. Any homeowner knows that your yard work is going to change with the season. So, today, we are going to showcase our priority list for gardening equipment that you’ll want to have when autumn rolls into town.

Top Gardening Tools for AutumnĀ 

Taking care of your yard during autumn is dramatically different than taking care of your yard during the heart of summer. While the tools that we are going to discuss can benefit you throughout the year, we find the following list of equipment particularly useful for the onset of autumn season. If you’re ready to get to work, first make sure that you have these tools in your shed.

1) Mobile Leaf Blower – Whether you want to get the Honda Blower HHB25 or the Stihl Blower BR420, it is important to have one of these machines on hand. As autumn starts to kick in, leaves are going to become a nuisance for your yard REAL quick. Allowing leaves to accumulate can lead to long-term damage to your grass as well as the manifestation of potential pests. A strong leaf blower will let you control where the leaves go so that you can quickly, and easily, clean them up.

2) Extendable Pruner – When it comes time to trim your bushes and cut away dead branches, having an extendable trimmer on hand will help you out. Extendable trimmers allow you to reach those out-of-the-way nooks and crannies that would otherwise require a ladder. Wear some safety goggles while using pruners like the StihlBrushcutter FS110R so that you are protected from falling debris.

3) Powered Hedge Trimmer – If you want to get your hedges into tip-top shape, a powered hedge trimmer can get the job done. The Honda Hedgetrimmer HHH25D can be the perfect way to cap off your autumn shopping list for lawn and gardening tools. This trimmer will let you power your way through problematic areas of your hedges while sculpting the growth in exactly the way that you desire.

Autumn is known for being the sleepy season but that doesn’t mean that work stops completely. If you are ready to clean up your yard the right way, give us a call here at Peninsula Mowers Mornington. You’ll be glad that you did!

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