Prepare for Autumn Garden Cleaning in Melbourne Using the Right Tools

Blog | February 28th, 2018

We fall in love with our garden for different reasons all throughout the year. When autumn rolls around we know that it is time to start preparing for the big clean-up. Getting your garden clean and stowed away for the coming cold-snap can be a difficult chore if you aren’t well-prepared with the right tools. Today, we are going to showcase all of the proper garden cleaning gear that you need in order to make your autumn garden chores a breeze this coming year.

The Right Garden Tools for Autumn
As the weather starts to chill and your garden starts to wither, you know that there are a new variety of chores that you need to take care of. At Peninsula Mowers Mornington, we have spent years helping to put our customers in the right place for the right season in regards to their yard work. Autumn presents a whole new variety of problems that require the right tools in order to take care of them. Let’s break down a few of the most important tools to have on hand when the weather gets cold and your garden starts to turn.

1) Honda Tiller G100 – Just because the days are starting to feel a little cool doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your garden. Plenty of delicious plants grow well into the cold-season and a tiller will help you prepare to get them all into the ground.

2) Honda Lawnmower HRE370 – If you have a smaller yard, this electric lawnmower will help keep your landscape looking nice, fresh, and trim. When your grass starts to fight against the cold, you have to make sure to be there to groom it. Leaving your yard unkempt and shaggy during autumn is just not a good look.

3) Stihl Linetrimmer FS45R – Don’t leave your weeds for winter. Get ahead of an ugly yard by busting out this svelte trimmer in order to line your gardens, hit those hard-to-reach weeds and freshen up your entire landscape.

4) Pruner
– Whether you need an extended pole-pruner or just a small pair of pruners, this is a great autumn task that every gardener should enjoy. Trim up your brush and trees and prepare them for the changing of the season.

When you have the right tools on your side, there is no challenge in your garden that you can’t take on. If you are ready to stock your shed for autumn go ahead and give us a call today, your garden will be glad that you did.

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