Peninsula Mowers Mornington: Trusted Supplier of Honda Pumps and Generators

Blog | August 4th, 2019

When it comes time to purchase a new power generator or water pump, you are going to need an affordable product from a reliable company. Here at Peninsula Mowers Mornington, we pride ourselves on our wide selection of premium Honda pumps and generators. While it is easy to tell you to go look at our catalogue, today we are going to do you one better. Keep on reading in order to see why you should turn to our Honda products for all of your pump and generator needs.

Benefits of Honda Pumps and Generators
There are a number of reasons why you would like to have a power generator at your home. Power generators are the ideal way to keep your power on when something happens to the electrical grid. Unfortunately, there are a ton of mediocre power generators on the market. The same can be said of your search for a high-end and powerful water pump. If you want to keep your water feature working at all times, you’ll need a reliable pump to get the job done. Fortunately, the team at Honda can help you with both of your quests. Let’s take a close look at what you can expect from your next Honda pump or generator.

1) Flexible Use Generators – Here at Peninsula Mowers Mornington, we carry the Honda Generator EU20I and the Honda Generator EX7. Both of these generators feature a multi-point alternator and a lightweight body for easy portability. The EU20I has the coveted Eco-Throttle feature which allows your engine to adjust its speed based on the demand of its workload. The Honda Generator EX7 is lightweight and easy to maintain thanks to the oil alert system. You’ll get at least 4.5 hours of continuous use from a full tank of gas. When the power is out for an extended amount of time, you can keep your lights going by refilling the tank every couple of hours. Simple, right? Either generator can be useful at home or in other recreational or professional applications.

2) Heavy Duty Pumps –
What makes Honda such a great company to work with is the fact that they have a wide variety of pump options. Whether you need to work at a construction site with the Honda Trash WT30 pump or you want something for at home, like the Honda Pump WX15, there will be an option that fits your specific needs.

No matter what kind of generator or pump you need, you can reach out to our team in order to discuss your requirements. We’ve been serving the region as a family-owned and operated business for the past decade and we are more than ready to help you out today.

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