Lawn Mowers for Tennis Courts: Choosing the Right Lawn Mower for Cutting and Marking Grass

Blog | April 17th, 2018

Grass of the world’s finest tennis courts is usually cut about one millimetre each week, with normal grass height ranging from 13 mm. in winter to the acceptable tennis playing height of 8 mm. This major mowing is done about a month ahead of tournament dates. During championship matches, court grass is cut every morning before playing begins. To achieve the desired precision stripes at centre court, caretakers use mowers with back end rollers for the first all-over cut followed by a second cut to form the stripes.

The head groundsmen at leading tennis courts often say that top quality cutting, grooming and continuous care of these fine grass courts requires some knowledge of grass cultivation, ongoing effort and focusing on details of growing and maintaining healthy, strong grass. One of the most vital aspects of maintaining excellent grass tennis courts is careful attention to meticulous mowing of the grass using the ideal lawn mower.

Selecting the Best Lawn Mower for Cutting and Marking Grass on Tennis Courts

Ideal lawn mower choices for excellent quality cutting and marking of tennis courts include the following:

• Hayter Spirit 41 Lawn Mower. – This updated mower cuts grass down to 13 mm. and is designed with fins in front to ensure smooth quality grass before mowing action. This feature makes the mower ideal for producing a clean, precise stripe every time. Made to give a stripe to the smaller lawn, this one cuts right down to 13 mm., leaving a neat finish. This model has a Briggs & Stratton 125 cc. engine and a cutter deck with a lining of ABS plastic for quiet, superior mowing and mower longevity. The grass box of this mower has a grass-collection capacity of 55 litres. It also provides a protective friction disc to help prevent harm to the engine if the mower should hit a sturdy, solid object while in operation. Perfect for use on tennis courts and golf courses, this machine offers ultimate precision cutting, shaping and striping of grass as needed.

• Lawnflite LR38SPBR Lawn Mower.
– This American made mower is powered by a 161 cc. Briggs & Stratton engine, which is both quiet during operation and low on fuel consumption. Equipped with an ABS polymer deck, this machine will resist corrosion and avoid impacts. It offers six different cutting heights, from 15 mm. up to 65 mm., and the grass collection box can hold 70 litres of cut grass. This mower has a cutting width of 48 cm., which makes it useful for cutting and maintaining large lawns. Its back roller, which is responsible for creating the desired stripes on tennis courts and varied types of playing fields, is a split roller. This feature enables the mower to make excellent stripes while offering easy turning ability for mower operators.

• Castel S48BR Rear Roller Mower.
– This lightweight mower manufactured in Great Britain has a Briggs & Stratton engine and a cutting width of 46 cm. with a roller in back to produce precision stripes. With this mower, the operator can easily cut right along the border edges of the court. This mower offers a grass cutting height ranging from 20 mm. to 70 mm. and has five different level settings. The machine’s cutting deck has a powder coating to help prevent corrosion.

By consulting the experts at Peninsula Mowers Mornington located in Mornington, Victoria, you will receive comprehensive advice on selecting the best professional lawn mower for finest quality maintenance of your grass tennis courts. With the top-tier mowers sold by this company, you can keep the grass of your courts at the desired height with impressive stripes to create and maintain grass courts truly fit for champions.

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