Lawn Mower Safety Tips During Summer Season

Blog | January 31st, 2019

When summer rolls around, you need to be prepared to get outside in order to keep your lawn in check. In order to keep your lawn in great shape, you’ll probably rely on your good old fashioned lawnmower. Most people have memories of mowing the lawn dating back to when they were barely old enough to push the machine. Yet for all of our familiarity with lawnmowers, we still need to respect how dangerous the machines can be. Today, we are going to give you a refresher course on lawn mower safety tips for when you are mowing your yard this summer.

Essential Lawn Mower Safety Tips
If you were to just look at a lawnmower while it was in operation, you’d clearly see why they are such dangerous machines. The rate of speed by which your mower blade spins is enough to cause serious injury to anything in its path. Additionally, your mower blade can easily suck in debris before spitting it back out at a high rate of speed. People have gotten maimed and even killed by rocks that were shot out of the side of a lawnmower. Even if injury and death are rare in regards to your lawnmower, you should still follow the safety tips below.

1) Wear the Right Shoes – While the warm grass may feel great beneath your feet, you shouldn’t mow the lawn with bare feet. Additionally, you shouldn’t mow the lawn wearing flip-flops or sandals, either. Not only do you have to worry about the spinning blade of the mower, but you also run the risk of tripping over the ground and causing serious injury. Wear sturdy shoes or boots while mowing your lawn this summer, your health is worth it.

2) Scan Your Yard First – Before you start up your lawnmower, take a few minutes to comb through your yard for any potential projectiles. Look out for rocks, gravel, large sticks, and any fallen trash. If you work in the area, you might also want to keep an eye out for fallen screws and the like. All of the items we listed above can turn into deadly missiles if you hit them just the right way while you are mowing your yard.

3) Never Pull Backward – It can be annoying to rotate your lawnmower but do it anyway. If you pull your lawnmower straight back, toward your body, you run the risk of catastrophic injury. Imagine yourself tripping as you pull the lawnmower backward, that’s a terrifying visual.

Keeping your yard looking great this year can be easy when you have the right lawnmower for the job. Additionally, you can make it through summer without hurting yourself so long as you follow our simple lawn mowing safety tips.

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