How to Keep Your Leaf Blowers in Tip-Top Shape

Blog | May 11th, 2018

Leaf blowers are invaluable tools for clearing leaves and other debris from your driveway, walkways, parking lot or other areas of your property. To ensure that they operate at an optimal level, though, you must care for them in the right fashion. We are here to provide you with a checklist to ensure that your blower always is in tip-top condition.

Clean the Air Filter Whenever Necessary

When the air filter clogs up, it prevents proper air flow to the engine. This can be a cause of poor acceleration and performance. If the air filter shows signs of wear, replace it.

Your Fuel Filter Needs Replacing Once Each Year

Replace your fuel filter annually, so it will keep your fuel untainted. When debris enters your fuel, the entire engine can be at risk for developing issues.

Fill the Blower with the Right Fuel

Read your owner’s manual to learn which fuel is right for your leaf blower. Always fill the blower with the recommended fuel for optimal performance.

Change the Fuel When Blower Has Been Idle for a Long Time

It is advisable to change the fuel out if the blower has been idle for too long. Dispose of it in the correct manner before you refill the blower with fresh fuel.

Inspect All Screws and Fasteners and Tighten If Needed

Periodically, you need to check all fasteners and screws to ensure that they are secure. Tighten them as needed.

Replace the Spark Plug Once Annually

Do not forget to replace the blower’s spark plug each year. Without a functioning spark plug, the blower will not be able to start correctly.

Replace Any Malfunctioning or Broken Parts Immediately 

It is dangerous to use a blower that has broken or malfunctioning parts on or in it. Therefore, you need to replace these parts immediately upon discovery. This ensures that the blower operates safely and that no harm will come to you.

Clean the Blower Off After Each Use

Another measure to take to ensure that your leaf blower is in tip-top shape is to clean it after each time you use it. Wipe off all of the parts to be certain that no debris can cause premature aging of the blower. Always do this with the blower completely off for safety’s sake.

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