Honda STIHL Drill BT45: Benefits and Features You Should Know

Blog | November 3rd, 2019

Most of the drilling equipment in the market right now requires electricity output for them to work. This alone poses an inconvenience to an individual or workers since they must find a way just to get the equipment turned on. With this kind of situation, a lengthy extension cord that runs above 30 feet can be seen lying on the floor, which can be dangerous to the working environment.

This dilemma pushed huge companies to manufacture equipment and machines that are portable yet still powerful. One of these companies is STIHL. For many years, they have been designing and producing products that do wonders for the construction and home maintenance works. Thanks to technological advances, they have created products that can perform drilling works without you getting entangled by wires.

One of STIHL’s portable products is the BT 45 drill. The BT 45 is a wood-boring lightweight drill that is purely powered by gasoline. Bearing a compact design, the BT 45 can be used to build and repair structures such as walls, wooden docks, bulkheads, fences, and others. Aside from this, here are some of BT 45’s outstanding features:

Ergonomic Lightweight Design

Even with electricity as the power source, BT 45 easily is one of the most powerful and yet lightweight drills in the world. Weighing for around 5 kg, any individual can hold and operate the drill with ease, anywhere they want. Moreover, BT 45 has well-spaced handles for your hands. The drill also has primer bulb and throttle lock for easy start-up.

Anti-Vibration System

Drilling into hard surfaces can cause a significant amount of vibration that can affect the quality of the work. To sustain the integrity of drilling, BT 45 has an anti-vibration system that can effectively absorb vibration from the moving components as the drilling work goes on. This system keeps the handles from vibrating all the time.

Two-Speed Gearbox

BT 45 gives you an option to choose the perfect speed and torque for your drill with its two-speed gearbox. The first gear provides you low speed and high torque, which is suitable for screw driving and drilling at huge diameters. The second gear then gives you high speed and low torque. As an added feature, BT 45 has a neutral position as well as a reverse gear for you to release jammed drill bits.

The following are the technical specifications of the STIHL Drill BT 45:

Displacement:                                      27.2 cm³

Power output:                                       0.8/1.1 kW/PS

Weight without drill bit:                       4.8 kg

Sound pressure level:                        98 dB(A)

Sound pressure level:                        97 dB(A)

Vibration level, right:                           6.1 m/s²

Spindle speed 2:                 2,710 Um

Spindle speed 1:                 910 Um

Spindle speed in reverse gear:        810 Um

Vibration, left:                                       7.2 m/s²

Fuel tank capacity:                              250 cc

All of the mentioned features contribute to STIHL BT 45’s ability to drill hard surfaces with ease and comfort. As long as it has enough gasoline, the drill can perform construction projects in any parts of the project site. From time to place, BT 45 can also cater to works other than drilling through its optional accessories. If you want to purchase STIHL BT 45, you can contact us Peninsula Mowers Mornington for the latest price of all our products.

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