Easy Lawnmower Maintenance Tips

Blog | December 8th, 2017

While there are many types of brands of lawnmowers on the market, they all have one thing in common, they need maintenance just like any other piece of machinery that gets used often.

When machinery doesn’t get needed maintenance, parts will eventually begin to wear and break. In fact, most lawnmower problems are mechanical in nature and directly related to maintenance neglect. With that said, it just makes sense to maintain your lawnmower regularly, by consulting the owner’s manual and following the basic checks, here’s how:

Check the engine’s oil – monitoring your lawn mower’s oil level is one of the most important maintenance tips. When the oil is old – dark in colour, it needs to be drained and refilled. The owner’s manual will specify the type of oil to use, how to check the oil level and where to find the drain plug.

Empty the gasoline after each use – according to lawn mower experts, draining the gasoline after using lawn mowers will make the engine easier to start next time you need to use them.

Clearing out the undercarriage – even while mowing small lawns, a lawn mower’s undercarriage can become caked in grass which could potentially block the discharge chute. Never attempt to clean the undercarriage when the engine is running, instead, turn off the motor, and then disconnect the spark plug as a safety precaution. You can use a wire brush to scrape off built up grass and dirt, and then rinse the undercarriage with water from a hose.

Change the spark plug at least once a year – lawn mowers start easier and run better with a new spark plug, although they are easy to change, never over-tighten a spark plug because it can prevent the engine from starting and can also decrease operating performance.

Keep the blade sharpened – because lawn mower blades can encounter branches, small rocks and unseen objects, they become dull and will not cut grass cleanly. The best way to sharpen a lawn mower blade is to have a mobile service come and sharpen or replace your lawn mower blade if needed.

Schedule a professional tune-up – Peninsula Mowers Mornington offers a mobile lawn mower maintenance service, the company will not only sharpen and replace your blade if needed, but they can professionally tune-up your lawn mower too. Just schedule a service, and they will come and pick up your lawn mower, service and repair it, and then drop it back off as good-as-new.

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