Dull Mower Blades May Lead to Lawn Deterioration

Blog | July 15th, 2019

Maintaining your yard can be difficult when you aren’t equipped with the right tools. Even when you have the right tools on hand, you can’t always rely on them! Today, we are going to be talking about lawn mowers. Specifically, we are going to be talking about the dangers of dull mower blades and how they can impact your lawn. If you have a lawn that always needs mowing, you might want to keep on reading.

Impact of Dull Mower Blades

Even if you have the nicest lawn mower in the world, eventually the machine will begin to wear down. The most common source of problems pertaining to your lawn mower will revolve around your mower blades. The more you use your lawn more, the more your mower blades will begin to wear down. Eventually, your dull mower blades will begin to manifest tangible problems. In order to know when to replace or sharpen your mower blades, you’ll need to know the most common signs and symptoms of the problem. Let’s outline the most common issues that you’ll notice in relation to deteriorating lawn mower blades.

1) Uneven Lawn –
When your lawn mower blades begin to dull, they’ll stop cutting your grass in an even manner. If your blades are sharpened and properly cared for, you should have an even height across your lawn. If you notice height variation around your yard, it is likely due to your blades. This is the easiest symptom to identify when it comes to dull lawn mower blades.

2) Torn Grass –
In an ideal world, your lawn mower will cut grass in a clean fashion. After you mow your yard or even just a portion of it, bend down and inspect the grass. If you notice that the tips of the grass have been torn, rather than cleanly cut, you likely have a dull blade. Torn grass can leave an impact on your yard that goes beyond the superficial realm. Torn grass can alter the health of your yard before eventually leading to brown coloured grass.

3) Blade Inspection –
The final way to identify the sharpness of your blades is by visually inspecting the element. If you notice chips, dents, or inconsistencies in the metal, you might be in trouble. You can also inspect the thickness of each blade. Over time, you’ll notice that your mower blades begin to scour, alter, and thin out.

After you’ve identified your dull lawn mower blades, you are ready to come up with a solution. The easiest solution is to have your blades sharpened by a professional. The next option is to replace the entire mower blade set. No matter which option you choose to pursue, Peninsula Mowers Mornington is here to help.

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