Differences between Cutoff Saw and Chainsaw Power Tools

Blog | July 12th, 2018

Let’s imagine that you’ve walked into a garage that is filled to the brim with amazing power tools. Sitting side by side on a table you see a cutoff saw and a chainsaw. These two incredible power tools have a home in just about every serious garage in the country for use in the yard or on projects. While these two power tools both look incredibly similar at first glance, you have a feeling that they aren’t quite the same. You would be right! Cutoff saws and chainsaws are massively different tools for massively different applications, but most people wouldn’t know that at first glance. Today, we’re going to talk about the differences between these two powerful tools so that you can make an informed purchasing decision in the future.

Cutoff Saws vs. Chainsaws: What are the Differences?

While cutoff saws and chainsaws can look relatively similar, they are really more different than they are alike. Both tools are often used by the same people but typically for different purposes. In order to fully understand these two incredible tools, we’ll break them down into separate columns so that you can understand their key benefits and differences.

1. What are cutoff saws?

Cutoff saws come in a variety of shapes and sizes but, essentially, they all are used for the same thing: cutting through incredible hard material such as tile, concrete or metal. Cutoff saws can be handheld or they can be bound to a desk. In some circles, you’ll find cutoff saws referred to as abrasive saws or chop saws. Any of these names can be used but their performance is the same.

2. What is a chainsaw?

Chainsaws are probably not necessary to introduce, but we’ll go ahead and bite. Powered by electricity or gas, chainsaws are typically long-limbed, handheld sawing devices. Chainsaws are typically built to cut through wood but certain chainsaws, such as those built with diamond, can cut through harder materials. Your chainsaw can be an incredibly flexible tool around the yard or on your next project site.

3. What are the key differences? 

If you couldn’t tell by our outlines, there are several major differences between chainsaws and cutoff saws. The primary difference is in terms of power. Cutoff saws are built to be able to handle heavy-duty materials. Chainsaws are powerful but they typically aren’t built for the heavy-duty work of a cutoff saw. Additionally, cutoff saws tend to have a shorter lifespan thanks to the intensity of the work that they are used for.

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