Common Lawn Mowing Problems

Blog | April 30th, 2018

Stepping into your yard and looking over your perfectly manicured lawn can be a real moment of pride and joy. Taking proper care of your yard requires time, effort and the right tools to do the job. The most important tool, in our mind, is the lawnmower. Your lawnmower makes life easier and you only to go a single week in summer without one in order to realise how important that they are. With that being said, lawnmowers can be fickle machines and a single problem could end up sidetracking your entire landscaping routine. Today, we are going to discuss a few of the more common problems that lawnmowers run into. With this foundation of knowledge, you can watch out for problems as they appear and take preventative measures to keep them from bothering you ever again.

The Most Common Lawn Mowing Problems

The key to a beautiful yard comes to you by way of routine and consistent maintenance. Your lawnmower is designed to handle a lot of stress, however, and eventually, that stress can start to showcase itself in the way that your yard looks after you are done working. What causes problems with your lawnmower? What problems are you going to be looking for? Let’s put on our favourite lawn mowing shoes and get to work!

1) Scalping Spots – When the deck of your mower comes too close to the ground it causes a scalping motion. Keep your mower deck at the proper elevation for your yard and pay attention to dips and hills.

2) Streaking Problems – As you mow your yard, you should get a steady stream of cut grass ventilated behind you. However, at times you will notice that you get chunks of uncut grass in your stream. This is called streaking and is likely due to a dull blade that has been improperly maintained. Keep your mower clean, your speed moderate, and your blade sharp.

3) Stinger Spots – Stinger spots, or just stingers, are patches of uncut grass that are left behind in an otherwise evenly cut area. Stingers are caused by dull blades.

5) Stepped Cutting – Finally, stepped cutting is a more dramatic issue that can leave sharp edges in the surface of your lawn. This is typically an issue of improper mower deck levelling as well as a dull mower blade. Keep your deck level and your blade sharp.

At Peninsula Mowers Mornington, we understand that your yard is the curb appeal of your home. If you are ready to add a high-quality mower that can accomplish your landscaping tasks, reach out to us today.

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