Beneficial Features of Electric Lawnmowers

Blog | May 21st, 2018

As property owners become more environmentally aware, many are turning to electric lawnmowers for cutting their lawns. At one point, these mowers were not highly efficient, though, since they did not hold a charge long enough, but that has changed. Now, you can mow up to a third of an acre on one battery charge, depending upon the model that you purchase. This makes these mowers perfect for small yards, but you also can use them on larger yards by taking a charging break periodically. Explore the beneficial features of this type of lawnmower in the following details.

Environmentally Friendly

Since you will not be relying on gas and oil to operate the electric mower, it is the green choice for cutting lawns. The only type of mower that is more so is the manual kind, which lengthens the time it takes to cut your lawn.

Electric Lawnmowers Are Powerful and Reliable

You can count on the electric mowers to get the job done each time that you need to use one since they are both powerful and reliable. An example of the power is the Honda Electric Lawnmower HRE370 has a 1.3kW electric motor.

Cost-Effective to Use

These mowers also are highly cost-effective since the electricity to charge the battery costs far less than the gas and oil does for gas-powered mowers. You can use the savings to add to your landscaping features in order to improve the value of your property.

Not as Noisy as Gas-Powered Mowers

Another benefit of using electric lawnmowers is that they are less noisy than their gas-powered counterparts. For this reason, you may be able to cut your lawn early in the morning without the neighbors complaining. Also, there is enough noise pollution today causing stress for people. Anything you can do to lessen it will be appreciated.

Easy to Start and Operate

A huge benefit that many property owners truly love about electric mowers is how easy
they are to start and maneuver. The electric starter turns on the motor without the hassle that you need to go through with gas-powered lawnmowers. In addition, most of these mowers are lightweight and compact, which makes them simple to navigate through your yard.

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