4 Essential Power Tools for Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Blog | September 28th, 2017

Taking care of your lawn and garden doesn’t have to feel like a full time job. There are great tools that can help you get the job done without breaking nearly as much of a sweat. Today we are going to guide your focus toward power tools. More specifically we are going to highlight easy to use power tools that can make your lawn and garden maintenance as relaxing as a day in the park.

Essential Power Tools

When considering power tools to enhance the work you do out on your lawn and in your garden you have to be aware of a few different factors. The first thing you’ll want to recognise is that you do not have to have the absolute best of each type of product. Between two different brands you might see a $200 difference but in the fine details realise that the true separating factors is a slightly stronger battery. The second thing you’ll want to be aware of is just how big your garden and lawn is. Some people have massive yards that require some major power. Other people have small little garden plots. Now that you know these two factors let’s dip into the most important tools to have around your house.

1. Earth Auger

If you’ve ever spent a hot afternoon on your hands and knees digging through the dirt, you’ll know the importance of a great auger. Rather than tearing up your wrist and back with a trowel we suggest getting an earth auger to help speed up the process. An Earth Auger like the Stihl BT120C offers you versatility in terms of depth and hole size as well as power to get through that hard topsoil.

2. Telescopic Pruners

Don’t let any branch be out of reach. Telescopic pruners like the HT75 offer you reach without the hassle of actually wriggling up a tree. These are convenient and safe and as effective as a ‘chainsaw on a pole’ sounds.

3. Hedge Trimmer

Keep your hedges in line with a hedge trimmer like the Honda HHH25D. Hedge trimmers speed up the process and prevent you from having to deal with clunky shears all day. The Honda HHH25D doesn’t use much fuel and it doesn’t make much noise, either.

4. Blower

Don’t wait for leaves and debris to litter your yard before getting your hands on a good blower. Blowers like the Honda HHB25 give you a ton of power in your hands so that you can keep your lawn and garden free of debris and clutter. The HH25D runs on unleaded fuel and packs a real punch. The HHB25 is considered one of the most powerful lightweight blowers that you can get your hands on.

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