Year: 2018

Things to Remember When Choosing Leaf Blowers for Optimum Use

Blog | December 13th, 2018

A leaf blower is one of the most fundamentally useful tools that you can have during summer and fall. If you are into the idea of making your yard look great, a leaf blower definitely deserves your attention. With that being said, leaf blowers are tools that few people fully understand. After all, most people […]

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Honda Buffalo Classic Push Lawnmowers: Why Buy Them?

Blog | December 6th, 2018

If you surveyed a hundred people regarding their most important tools for lawncare, the vast majority of them would say that their lawnmower sits atop the list. Having a quality lawnmower can make life incredibly easy when your yard starts to get out of control. While lawnmowers are all ostensibly simple tools, they do have […]

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How Does a Pruning Saw Work?

Blog | November 20th, 2018

Have you ever dreamed of having a beautifully pruned and landscaped garden? If you’ve ever wanted to take your yard into your own hands, you’ve likely spent some time researching the different tools that you will need. Inevitably in your research, you will come across a weird looking tool known as the pruning saw. Pruning […]

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Most Common Domestic Applications of Stihl Cut Off Saw

Blog | November 12th, 2018

If you pride yourself on the ability to handle DIY projects around house and home, you likely have a shed or garage stocked to the brim with quality power tools. Whether you are looking to clean up the yard of debris, such as large stumps or other wooden detritus, or simply want to work some […]

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How to Maintain Your Power Generator When Not in Use

Blog | October 23rd, 2018

The last thing that should happen to a power generator when it starts is a disappointing click. No brief rumble, then a stall, no fuel-starved coughing or maintenance issues, nothing at all should stop this essential piece of equipment from roaring to life. Left inactive for long periods, though, machines tend to fall into disrepair. […]

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Functions of Eco-Throttle on Honda Generators

Blog | October 16th, 2018

Pondering generator efficiency, it sure would be nice to have a compact power plant that could last for 20-hours at a stretch. That’s a fine feature, one made possible by the Eco-Throttle mode, as employed on a state-of-the-art Honda generator. Simply by controlling the engine speed, by injecting it with self-governing smarts, the equipment becomes […]

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Choose Reliable Lawnmowers for Spring Cleaning Your Garden

Blog | September 27th, 2018

There is something infinitely satisfying about heading to your garage or your garden shed in order to get the lawnmower for a day’s worth of work. Having the right lawnmower by your side can go a long way toward helping to keep your yard nice and presentable throughout the year, no matter the season. There […]

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Reliable Garden Equipment and Tools that You Can Rely On

Blog | September 11th, 2018

There are few things in life as satisfying as heading to your garage for the right gardening tools before completely transforming your yard. While some would find landscaping to be something of a chore, people with the right tools and the right mindset can have the time of their life during the project. Today, we […]

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Tips in Choosing the Right Lawn Mower Blade

Blog | August 27th, 2018

If you own a decently sized yard then your lawnmower is likely your most heavily used tool during the summer. Lawnmowers make our lives easier because they give us the ability to quickly, efficiently, and effectively clean up our yard. With that being said, lawnmowers come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and styles. […]

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Chainsaw Cutting Problems: Common Causes and Failures

Blog | August 17th, 2018

If you are like us then your chainsaw is probably the most used power tool in your garage or shed. Chainsaws are incredibly powerful cutting instruments that can serve to make our lives much easier, supposing that we treat the machines right, as well. Here at Peninsula Mowers Mornington, we believe in the power of […]

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