A leaf blower is one of the most fundamentally useful tools that you can have during summer and fall. If you are into the idea of making your yard look great, a leaf blower definitely deserves your attention. With that being said, leaf blowers are tools that few people fully understand. After all, most people […]

If you surveyed a hundred people regarding their most important tools for lawncare, the vast majority of them would say that their lawnmower sits atop the list. Having a quality lawnmower can make life incredibly easy when your yard starts to get out of control. While lawnmowers are all ostensibly simple tools, they do have […]

Have you ever dreamed of having a beautifully pruned and landscaped garden? If you’ve ever wanted to take your yard into your own hands, you’ve likely spent some time researching the different tools that you will need. Inevitably in your research, you will come across a weird looking tool known as the pruning saw. Pruning […]

If you pride yourself on the ability to handle DIY projects around house and home, you likely have a shed or garage stocked to the brim with quality power tools. Whether you are looking to clean up the yard of debris, such as large stumps or other wooden detritus, or simply want to work some […]

The last thing that should happen to a power generator when it starts is a disappointing click. No brief rumble, then a stall, no fuel-starved coughing or maintenance issues, nothing at all should stop this essential piece of equipment from roaring to life. Left inactive for long periods, though, machines tend to fall into disrepair. […]

Pondering generator efficiency, it sure would be nice to have a compact power plant that could last for 20-hours at a stretch. That’s a fine feature, one made possible by the Eco-Throttle mode, as employed on a state-of-the-art Honda generator. Simply by controlling the engine speed, by injecting it with self-governing smarts, the equipment becomes […]

There is something infinitely satisfying about heading to your garage or your garden shed in order to get the lawnmower for a day’s worth of work. Having the right lawnmower by your side can go a long way toward helping to keep your yard nice and presentable throughout the year, no matter the season. There […]

There are few things in life as satisfying as heading to your garage for the right gardening tools before completely transforming your yard. While some would find landscaping to be something of a chore, people with the right tools and the right mindset can have the time of their life during the project. Today, we […]

If you own a decently sized yard then your lawnmower is likely your most heavily used tool during the summer. Lawnmowers make our lives easier because they give us the ability to quickly, efficiently, and effectively clean up our yard. With that being said, lawnmowers come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and styles. […]

If you are like us then your chainsaw is probably the most used power tool in your garage or shed. Chainsaws are incredibly powerful cutting instruments that can serve to make our lives much easier, supposing that we treat the machines right, as well. Here at Peninsula Mowers Mornington, we believe in the power of […]

When it comes to taking care of your lawn, is any piece of equipment more important than your lawnmower? Your lawnmower is the ultimate machine for keeping your yard trim and proper and you’ve probably come to rely on it over the years. There are basically two types of lawnmower owners: people who make sure […]

Let’s imagine that you’ve walked into a garage that is filled to the brim with amazing power tools. Sitting side by side on a table you see a cutoff saw and a chainsaw. These two incredible power tools have a home in just about every serious garage in the country for use in the yard […]

A ditch is filling up with water. Nearby, a trench is overflowing. A cable laying job is cancelled because of the silty flood. As for the muddy ditch, it’s about to overflow and inundate a neighbouring field. Dealing with these wastewater issues and more, Honda trash pumps are designed to rapidly displace all types of […]

If you are the rare breed of individual who enjoys getting outside and working in the yard, you’ve come to the right place. At Peninsula Mowers Mornington, we’ve spent over ten years working to supply our customers with the tools that they need in order to keep their lawn looking the way that they want. […]

As property owners become more environmentally aware, many are turning to electric lawnmowers for cutting their lawns. At one point, these mowers were not highly efficient, though, since they did not hold a charge long enough, but that has changed. Now, you can mow up to a third of an acre on one battery charge, […]

Leaf blowers are invaluable tools for clearing leaves and other debris from your driveway, walkways, parking lot or other areas of your property. To ensure that they operate at an optimal level, though, you must care for them in the right fashion. We are here to provide you with a checklist to ensure that your […]

Stepping into your yard and looking over your perfectly manicured lawn can be a real moment of pride and joy. Taking proper care of your yard requires time, effort and the right tools to do the job. The most important tool, in our mind, is the lawnmower. Your lawnmower makes life easier and you only […]

Grass of the world’s finest tennis courts is usually cut about one millimetre each week, with normal grass height ranging from 13 mm. in winter to the acceptable tennis playing height of 8 mm. This major mowing is done about a month ahead of tournament dates. During championship matches, court grass is cut every morning […]

Take a walk outside the next time that you get a chance and look at your lawn and garden. Are you happy with what you see? Most people are content having a cheap lawnmower and a mildly maintained garden. Picking weeds and keeping the grass under a certain height is all that really matters, right? […]

The weather has turned and trees are starting to shed their leaves. You reach for a rake and realise pretty quickly that this just won’t do. What you really need is a leaf blower. There is nothing wrong with adding a little extra power to your gardening shed and today we are going to guide […]

We fall in love with our garden for different reasons all throughout the year. When autumn rolls around we know that it is time to start preparing for the big clean-up. Getting your garden clean and stowed away for the coming cold-snap can be a difficult chore if you aren’t well-prepared with the right tools. […]

To say that all yards are not built the same would be an understatement. Here at Peninsula Mowers Mornington, we have been around the industry long enough to know that each yard has its own special needs. This can be particularly true when leaves begin to fall and the rake just doesn’t feel like it […]

There is nothing more satisfying than starting up a well-maintained chainsaw. Not only is the sound music to our ears, but the efficiency and effectiveness of a functional power tool for yard maintenance can be hard to beat. Chainsaws are among our favourite power tools because they provide a host of uses in our yard […]

When it comes right down to it, sometimes you are going to need some pretty hefty power tools on your side in order to keep your lawn well maintained. Here at Peninsula Mowers Mornington, we understand that in order to keep your yard fresh a chainsaw might be required. Fortunately, we offer a wide range […]

While there are many types of brands of lawnmowers on the market, they all have one thing in common, they need maintenance just like any other piece of machinery that gets used often. When machinery doesn’t get needed maintenance, parts will eventually begin to wear and break. In fact, most lawnmower problems are mechanical in […]

At Peninsula Mowers Mornington we understand that there are specific tools that are needed for specific jobs. Having been in the industry for years, we pride ourselves on not only offering those tools to customers but we also pride ourselves on offering them the information that they need in order to succeed with them. Today, […]

You could argue forever about the most important technological advancements in human history but we’ll always be pretty proud of the lawnmower. Sure, electricity and indoor plumbing is pretty cool, not to mention the internet, but we’re all about mowers here. A great lawnmower is an important and effective tool in your landscaping toolbox. Lawnmowers […]

When it comes to having a beautiful yard, you need to be proactive in the equipment that you use to keep it that way. That is why it is so important to make shopping for the right lawn mower a priority. Lawn mowers are more than just the ratty, hard-to-start, push behind machine that you […]

Office spaces are undoubtedly prone to becoming messy and cluttered over the span of a workday. A cluttered desk, smudged doors, and even spills in the kitchen sprout up over time. Those aforementioned messes get cleaned quickly because they are so obvious. What about your floors, though? Most people don’t look twice at their feet […]

Shopping for a lawnmower can be one of the easiest headaches you ever get. Who knew that there were so many different options and varieties available? When shopping for a lawn mower you have to answer an array of different questions before making your purchase. Whether you are considering something for commercial or residential use, […]

Taking care of your lawn and garden doesn’t have to feel like a full time job. There are great tools that can help you get the job done without breaking nearly as much of a sweat. Today we are going to guide your focus toward power tools. More specifically we are going to highlight easy […]

As a homeowner caring for your lawn and garden, you can carry out your gardening and landscaping or other outdoor duties easier when you use only reliable power equipment and garden tools to assist you. These elements will make your outdoor duties stress-free instead of just work. Nothing is more disconcerting than to be in […]

Peninsula Mowers is a family owned and operated business and has been in the industry for over ten years. We offer a full range of Stihl, Honda, Masport, wolf Garten power equipment and garden tools. We repair all makes and models and service all power equipment, Whether you’re purchasing a blower, whipper snipper, lawn mower, […]